Where to Play Social Casino Games? Top 2 Best Websites

In this day and age, the world seems to be obsessed with hardcore and violent videogames. But there are also some of us who actually enjoy playing social casino games using sheer wit and cleverness. 

Contrary to popular belief, social casino games are not entirely a scam, but you still need to have to do quite a bit of research before you jump onto the wagon. However, we thought of saving you all the brainwork by compiling this article about where to play social casino games instead. 

After doing thorough research to learn which platform is the best one to go for, we settled upon the following sites. 

1. ZitoBox


Our number one choice of platform for playing social casino games on is none other than ZitoBox. 

For those playing casino games for a long time now, ZitoBox has managed to earn quite a good rep in the industry. The easy and simple gameplay interface of the platform combined with its amazing offers makes this site one of the most sought after ones by casino game enthusiasts. 

The best thing about ZitoBox is that it lets you earn a substantial amount of loyalty points simply by playing for the first time. As you level up in the games, you can earn more points or even exchange your already gained ones for new points. 

One thing to keep in mind though is that you cannot possibly own the Zito loyalty points, as you have to earn them through playing instead. This means the platform will not reward you points even if you play more than 20 games a day. You can only earn the points with progressive gameplay. 

This factor could have been a reason for disapproval for many, however, casino enthusiasts seem to actually like this challenge as it feels similar to being in an actual and physical casino instead. 

The adrenaline rush that you can get by playing the games on this platform really is worth the time and effort. 

What is ZitoBox like?

The platform is mainly famous for its wide and unique range of slot games that you can play all you want. Winning the matches in the slot games will allow you to “earn” a good number of Zito Loyalty points which you can exchange for a variety of different items and benefits. 

However, the main benefit that you can experience through playing all your favorite games on ZitoBox is by earning different gift cards, starting from Domino’s to even Crutchfield!

Is ZitoBox legit?

Yes, ZitoBox is absolutely legit and the platform is also quite famous among hardcore casino enthusiasts. Unlike most social casino game sites, ZitoBox allows you to play free in offline mode as well. 

This feature usually is a really beneficial one for newbies as that way they can easily learn the gameplay without having to burn a hole through their wallets. Take our word for it and test the games out if you are skeptical about the site. We assure you, you will not be disappointed!

2. Live Casino

Live Casino

Albeit not as famous and versatile as ZitoBox, Live Casino is still a pretty top contender that we definitely had to include in this article. 

The platform is still pretty vibrant with its various different games and it is also quite legit, so you might want to check it out if the previous platform that we mentioned on this article does not fancy you. 

One incredible feature of Live Casino that we absolutely love is the fact that you can easily earn up to 5,000 points just by signing up to the platform as a bonus scheme!

On top of that, you can also get back about 10 percent on all your in-app purchases done on the site. This is a rather nice and modest way to give back to your customers, and Live Casino has been doing it in the right way for as long as time now. 

You can also increase your chances of receiving bonuses by logging onto the site on a daily basis. However, you still have to make sure to win a few games before you can expect any bonus or reward to come your way. 

What is Live Casino like?

The platform is a totally online one, where you can experience actual casino game plays with live dealers. The entire game will be played out through a streaming link that is usually provided to the players, therefore you will be playing with actual dealers and other international players in real-time. 

You also get to earn a lot of bonuses by playing on a regular basis. The chances of earning a reward or scoring a huge deal is increased on the basis of your loyalty and promotion level. 

Is Live Casino legit?

Like every other social casino game, there are some risks associated with playing on Live Casino as well, however, we assure you that the site is completely legit. 

The advantage of playing casino games on Live Casino is that you get to see who you are playing with in real-time. While many might not like the idea of showing their faces to strangers on the internet while playing casino games, others seem to appreciate the transparency while playing instead. 


We are sure that by now you have a good idea about where you can actually play social casino games, however, we hope you check out the ones that we stated in this article as both of the picks seem to be the most reliable and legit in forms of authenticity and popularity among casino game enthusiasts. 

It does not matter if you are a newbie in the field or a professional, as you must treat an online casino platform with the same wit and cleverness that you would have used to maneuver your way around in a real setting. We bid you good luck!

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