What is eSports? Everything You Need to Know

In the modern world video games have transcended into a large source of entertainment which has become easily accessible for people all over the world.

From starting off as something you could play for fun or de-stress, video games have also resulted in bringing out a competitive streak in most gamers over the world. This competitive streak has given birth to what is known as eSports.

What is eSports?

eSports are a form of competition where players face off against each other in team matches or singular matches wherein they battle for a large prize.

eSports started around the early 2000s and now thanks to the wide array of games available, it has garnered a worldwide audience where they tune into the matches to cheer on the players in the competitions.

How Did it Develop?

The rise in interest in eSports has thanks to the ever evolving technology that is utilized in developing these games for each coming generation in which games with better quality and graphics are released each year.

It is also in particular thanks to video games becoming a major part of pop culture which has an influence on people around the globe.

The internet has made it easier for eSports to see a drastically upward change in the rising interest in eSports each year as more people are able to view the matches through multiple sources of live streaming services.

Who Holds These?

Most eSport tournaments are funded and hosted by large video game developers who in turn benefit from these tournaments as it makes their games more widely known to the general public so it can be said that it is also a way that game developers can better promote their games.

The rise in popularity of these games has paved the path for newer gamers who have decided to go pro in the world of eSports. eSports started off with mostly amateur players but over the years it has given rise to some professional gamers who are unmatched in their level of skill.

To further promote their games across the world developers host tournaments around the planet with changing locations every few tournaments.

Are eSports Legitimate?

Although there are some who argue about the legitimacy of eSports as a sort of competition it can also be seen that it has resulted in a major success for the world of gaming and also for those who create these games as eSports revenue is expected to grow to $1.79 billion in the upcoming two years.

eSports have also become a source of income for people nowadays who can afford gaming platforms of any kind. As eSport teams compete to win they have also attracted all kinds of sponsors who are looking to persuade these teams into representing them in these tournaments.

Like any type of advertisement these eSport teams help to raise the awareness of the brand in the general public’s mind and with how large a fanbase gaming tournaments have these days it’s no wonder that most companies will be jumping at the chance to exploit this large of a crowd.

What Type of Games Are Featured in eSports?

eSports as a platform features multiplayer games from an array of popular genres, with games like Counter Strike, Overwatch and League Of Legends dominating these tournaments.

Some of the most famous games to be played are most first-person shooters which require the players to have quick reflexes and an awareness of their surroundings in case of a sneak attack or an enemy trap.

These are mostly competitions where sponsored teams compete against each other in a series of rounds with around five players on each side.

Another genre of popular eSports games are fighting games like Tekken and Super Smash Bros which features gameplays where players face off against each other in singular close range combat.

They have to be quick on their feet to dodge enemy attacks and to counter enemy moves or else they might suffer a humiliating quick knock out when the match has just started to heat up.

How Have eSports Helped Gamers?

eSports have become a major part of pop culture and most competitive players who have taken part in these competitions have still garnered an amount of success even after they stopped playing professionally. They have continued to play games for fun and have garnered a large following of audience on popular streaming sites such as twitch and YouTube.

One of the most famous gamers out there, Shroud, who used to be a part of the team Cloud9, would play in tournaments featuring the game Counter Strike. He is now a popular streamer who has used his skills to maintain his career as a gamer.

eSports in Funding

People have also turned to eSports in order to raise funds to help the needy. It has transformed to the point where eSports has become a major source of income for most young people.

The eSports platform has been utilized by streamers for various charity cases and has been mostly successful as viewers from around the country can quickly donate some cash to help those who need it.

eSports has also brought people from different cultures together as it helps us to communicate and play with people all around the world.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, eSports have become a popular trend for people to find entertainment in and it is also easily accessible for people who are looking to take part in these competitions provided they are confident in their gaming skills. As the fanbase keeps on getting bigger and bigger it can be assured that eSports won’t die out any time soon.

As developers are pushing tournaments everywhere it is bringing together all kinds of people. They have provided a platform where gamers can test the limit of their gaming potential in intense competition and even if esports isn’t considered a proper sport everyone can be rest assured that it will be one-day thanks in large to the people taking part in it.

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