5 Best Free Social Media Games Available Right Now

Let us be honest- scrolling on any social media platform can be a deadly obsession. People tend to spend hours after hours scrolling through the same thing, and we do not blame you for that!

Posts and advertisements can be quite eye-catching on social media platforms, but in all honesty, they can turn out to be boring after some time as well. If you have got nothing to do except stay on your phone and scroll all day, why not indulge yourself in playing a few amazing yet free social media games instead? 

As annoying and boring as social media can sometimes be, developers seem to have included quite a few incredible and fun games for audience entertainment as well, and we are so thankful for that!

However, not many people are actually aware of this entertaining section on social media, which is why they trap themselves in the same routine of scrolling and re-scrolling only. 

But say goodbye to that as today we are going to be reviewing some of the best free social media games available right now.

We chose only the most fun and entertaining social media games that we thought audiences of all ages and genders will approve of, so let us jump right into that!

1. Hangman


A game that most of us have played all throughout our childhood seem to be none other than Hangman. Traditionally played on paper with a pen or pencil, game developers and social media creators have worked to bring this amazing and nostalgic game to the virtual world. 

You can now play this classic word game on various social media platforms, namely Facebook all you want. The best thing about the game is that you can either play alone against a computer generated competitor, or add your friends into the mix and turn it into one big and fun competitive party just like old times!

The game interface is usually really easy to understand and stays true to its original theme. The only difference here is that the audience will have to guess what the word in question is through a comments box situated below instead of actually screaming it out. 

2. Jumble

Similar to the game “Scrabble”, Jumble is actually a word game that seems to combine the characteristics of the aforementioned game and “Pictionary”. 

Jumble is actually a tad bit more complex than the previous game mentioned on this article, but playing it is still pretty fun and entertaining. The entire game makes use of a puzzle.

On top of that, Jumble will also provide a clue and a somewhat detailed illustration as well, so that the audience can easily make guesses and react to the puzzle accordingly. 

Sometimes, the words provided by Jumble seem to fall into an anagram, which is why this game is actually targeted towards those in high-school who have a clear understanding about basic anagrams and codes. 

The entire point of the game is to provide its users with bits and pieces of words that will allow them to create an entire coherent phrase in the end. Jumble is fun and can be played either alone, or with a couple of friends at the same time. You can also play the game offline, so that is always a bonus for when you are on the go!

3. Restaurant City

Treading a bit further away from traditional word games, we decided to add another entire genre in this list of the best social media games. Restaurant City is actually quite a fun game to play if you are bored or have nothing better to do while scrolling on Facebook. 

The popular game falls under time-management gameplays and themes, which is the reason why Restaurant City is such a hit among those in middle-school and high-school. 

Restaurant City will let you start up your own food joint, where you will obviously have to cook and manage everything else all by yourself. You can customize your own food items as you go and turn them into amazing dishes by the end of the day. 

The entire goal of playing Restaurant City is to become the talk of the virtual town by successfully competing against other restaurants and cafes. 

4. Mafia Wars

Another amazing game that seems to be taking the entertainment section of Facebook by storm is Mafia Wars. If you have played “Criminal Case” before, then you will probably love and eventually become obsessed with Mafia Wars as well.

The game is said to be the number one crime game on Facebook, and its huge fan-base seems to speak for itself. Mafia Wars will require you to compete with other fictional families in the game by fighting and committing different crimes in order to become the best in New York. 

Honestly, the game might not sound too convincing right now, but those who play it regularly vouch for it. The gameplay of it is quite intense and we can definitely see why players keep pouring in to play, but we would advise children under the age of 16 to be kept away from this game. 

5. Farmville

The most loveable free social media game is probably Farmville! This management type game is fun, creative and has cute animals that you care for in your own virtual farm setting. Other than that, you can also build your own assets and purchase more crops and animals to increase the size of your virtual farm. 

The game is fun and has a simple and very easy interface, so people of all ages can play it without any hassle at all. 


Everybody loves playing games, so why not take a look at the games that we mentioned in this article instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media all day?

We hope you liked this informative article and that the games mentioned will entertain you during boring times.

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