What is Fantasy Sports? What Makes It So Much Fun?

Fantasy sports are online games. But unlike other online games, this uses statistics. In recent years fantasy sports have become the talk of the town. Its popularity is skyrocketing. But it is normal if many people don’t know what it is.

Fantasy sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry. But some people don’t know how it works. There are so many sports and businesses around the world that it is quite normal not knowing one of them. 

If you are keen to know what it is all about but finding it a bit confusing then don’t worry. We got your back, in this article, you will find out what is fantasy sports and how it works, and more interesting pieces of information. After going through this article you can understand the game and you can play it yourself.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are closely related to statistics. It is a type of online multiplayer game. People put together a team in this game. And you will earn points if those players perform well. To put it simply, in this game players create their imaginary teams.

These teams will be formed with real-life players of a professional level sport. The players’ statistics will be used. And with that, in-game player performance will be maintained. So if a player’s real-life statistics are good then he will also perform well in the game. These statistics come from real-life matches. Then it is calculated into points. 

You have to compete with other managers in this game. You buy, sell, and trade players in the game as well. To earn more points you need to have players with good statistics. Fantasy sports begun as a fun game for friends but now it is a huge industry, in fact, a multiple billion-dollar industry.

How Does It Work

The fans of the game choose the players from real-life players. The real game players’ statistics are collected. Then the game compares the statistics to judge whose team has better statistics.

And the users can keep track of their players’ performance through mobile applications and websites. As a player, you can just play with your friends or you can compete with strangers too. 

To do well in this game you need to keep an eye on the performances. So you might need to do a lot of research on different players. So that you can add better players and drop the players who have the probability to perform badly. Fantasy sports is truly a very addictive game.    

Is It Even Legal?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, it says that fantasy sports are allowed under federal law. They allowed it because they deemed it a game of skill and not just a game chance. But the players can not bet on the outcome of a match.

Still, this game is banned in these states, Montana, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, and Washington. But the Fantasy Sports Trade Association is trying their best by lobbying to change it. They want it to be legal in those states too. The industry is growing and becoming more profitable. So it is quite understandable why they would give so much effort to make it legal everywhere. 

There has been some scandal involving two popular sites (FanDuel & DraftKings). This can bring some government intervention in near future.

How to Play

Once you invest in draft players you are all set to begin the real fun. You have to evaluate your players. There are league scoring systems. The system will decide how the statistics will be counted for each player. So based on the scoring system you have to constantly evaluate them to find out if the players are useful or not.

They might have good scores which will make you win more. But the scoring system might decrease the value of a player and that might hurt your team.

You have to figure out if any of the players are better off being dropped or they would be useful in the future. You can change your roster every day, or every week.

You can even not change much for the year too. The managers need to be active to be successful. Especially if the league is very competitive. But the more active managers mean more fun! They all try to improve rosters.

This game shows people how hard it is to be a manager of a professional team. The pressure, the risks, the crucial decision-making situations, engage the players even more. You can belong to any profession but with this game, you can too manage a professional team. 

The Fantasy Sports Industry

This industry is growing every year. Right now they bring in over $1.5 billion a year. This huge amount of money is mostly from advertisings. The advertising on the mobile application and websites are the main source of the income.

These two companies have a lot of rich investors like the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, the NBA, multiple team owners from the NFL and NBA. And they have raised over $300 million. Their evaluation of the companies is in billions of dollars right now.  

There are popular sites like FanDuel, DraftKings that attract players even more. They payout over 90% of the fees they get as prize money. More companies of large size are getting involved in this industry. Disney, Yahoo, CBS, and other major companies are some of the big players in this industry already.

Bottom Line

Fantasy sports as an industry is growing rapidly and you can expect it to go nowhere. More players are joining every day because of the engaging and addictive experience it gives players.

It is super attractive as it incorporates the statistics from the performance of the players. You can try this out and play with your friends or with strangers. All you need to win is to focus on the details.

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