How to Play Fantasy Football: A Beginner’s Guide

The football games hosted by the NFL are usually very wild. Big strong players compete with each other in tiring matches and often end up with bruises from getting tackled by what feels like a battering ram.

This rowdy game is intense with usually large players giving it their all to bring home the glory of the win. These games might be fun to watch but to take part in something where you often end up with a few broken bones or teeth doesn’t seem that appealing to some.

In turn you can try fantasy football as an alternative and if you feel like you have no idea how to get started or don’t know what fantasy football is then keep on reading to learn more.

What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a game where it’s like a simulation of yourself acting as a manager for a professional American football team.

Although the game mostly features players from the NFL, it can even be extended to include players from other major leagues.

When it comes to playing fantasy football there are different types which are played by the people taking part in the game and they are the following:

1. Seasonal Leagues

For newcomers who are starting off or for people who don’t want to deal with the commitment of playing long-term, this is the best way to go.

They have the option of joining in whenever they want to so if you are just starting to learn about the game then this would be the preferred type.

2. Seasonal Redraft

In this type of fantasy football you manage a team of players you have picked out and manage them for the following seasons through the year until the year is over and you can then choose a new team.

It is one of the most common types to play and you can also trade off or drop some of your players to adjust your team until you are comfortable with how it is.

Competition is done through facing off against others in head to head matches that take place weekly and the team with the best score makes it through.

3. Keeper Leagues

There are some people who have grown attached to the players in their current roster and don’t feel comfortable after exchanging their players after every year. If you are one of these people then keeper leagues are the way to go.

While the number of players you can keep will often fluctuate, playing in the keeper league will allow you to hold back some of your favorite players from the previous seasons. In keeper leagues, there is a bit of strategy that goes on which you can’t find in redraft leagues.

4. Daily League for Seasonal Players

This type of fantasy football is a particularly new style which allows the freedom for anyone looking to take part in it to enter the game. Daily leagues are usually short matches against opponents who have been selected personality for you instead of pitting you against random players.

There is certain freedom here as you can maintain or mix up your roster according to the different types of matchups to give you the advantage you need.

5. Playoff Leagues

This is where things get slightly difficult as you can’t be as flexible with your team as before. Here you do not get the option to change or drop your players so you will have to stick with what you have no matter what you’re facing off against.

To survive the upcoming matches you will have to be strategic and also have to analyze what teams will make it through the playoffs.

How to Play Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football

After discussing the leagues to give you a general idea you have to pick what type of league you’ll be playing in. You will then have to analyze the available players and then scout them for your roster and then strategies and apply your skills to lead you towards victory.

The type of league you’ll join will differentiate your play style. So if it’s just temporary or long term you will need to adjust properly to the competitiveness of each league. This first step is crucial as you need to understand the rules of the league you’ll be playing in so be sure to pick carefully.

After you have joined a league, what comes next is building a solid team which will make you comfortable and give you the boost you need to get that win. Your players will be the foundation of your team so make sure to strategize properly after analyzing every player in your roster to create the perfect play style for you.

During the draft you will have to pick your players from an existing list of players. You will have to fill out the positions with the proper players to ensure your victory. During the seasonal playoff how the players perform in real life will determine the points they earn in the fantasy games.

Their real time points are turned into fantasy points and the one with the most points makes it through. As the acting manager of the team you can control the placement of your team and bench injured players for other benched players. If you feel you can do better than you can drop your players for other available ones.

Final Thoughts

A team is only as good as its manager, so it is up to you to plan and strategize so that your team achieves victory.

The weaker the team the worse they’ll play so you have to manage your team to create a strong base which will help them to hold their ground. If you are confident in your team then the prize you are fighting for will quickly be in your grasp.

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