How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Sub

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make Per Sub

What is Twitch? Twitch is a growing platform and more and more streamers are emerging. Since the establishment of Twitch in 2011, the company mainly focused on streaming e-sports and gaming. Now people stream different kinds of content on the platform. Twitch gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. More and more … Read more

What is eSports

What is eSports? Everything You Need to Know

In the modern world video games have transcended into a large source of entertainment which has become easily accessible for people all over the world. From starting off as something you could play for fun or de-stress, video games have also resulted in bringing out a competitive streak in most gamers over the world. This … Read more

Social Media Games

5 Best Free Social Media Games Available Right Now

Let us be honest- scrolling on any social media platform can be a deadly obsession. People tend to spend hours after hours scrolling through the same thing, and we do not blame you for that! Posts and advertisements can be quite eye-catching on social media platforms, but in all honesty, they can turn out to … Read more

Fantasy Football

How to Play Fantasy Football: A Beginner’s Guide

The football games hosted by the NFL are usually very wild. Big strong players compete with each other in tiring matches and often end up with bruises from getting tackled by what feels like a battering ram. This rowdy game is intense with usually large players giving it their all to bring home the glory … Read more

Where to Play Social Casino Games

Where to Play Social Casino Games? Top 2 Best Websites

In this day and age, the world seems to be obsessed with hardcore and violent videogames. But there are also some of us who actually enjoy playing social casino games using sheer wit and cleverness.  Contrary to popular belief, social casino games are not entirely a scam, but you still need to have to do … Read more

Free Online Slots

Top 3 Best Websites for Free Online Slots Right Now!

With their cushy consoles, beautiful graphics, and addictive gameplay loop, it’s no surprise that people flock and sink the hours in online slots without noticing the time of day. Naturally, these physical machines have made the successful transition to the digital sphere as online slot machines have steadily increased in popularity as well as functionality. … Read more

Fantasy Sports

What is Fantasy Sports? What Makes It So Much Fun?

  Fantasy sports are online games. But unlike other online games, this uses statistics. In recent years fantasy sports have become the talk of the town. Its popularity is skyrocketing. But it is normal if many people don’t know what it is.       Fantasy sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry. But some … Read more